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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 
Hindu Cultural Society - Slough is a registered Charity (Reg no 268146) in the United Kingdom. We use personal information to carry out the objects of the charitable trust.


What personal data is collected?
Data collected includes, name, address, age, e-mail address and mobile contact details for the effective management of the activities of the temple.
Why do we hold personal data?
The personal data processed as part of these activities includes:

  • data for the purposes of the prudent management of financial affairs e.g. keeping records for accounting and gift aid in respect of charitable donations

  • data for the marketing, effective organisation and management of events and trips

  • data for the effective management and operation of teaching classes provided.

  • data to provide a safe and secure environment for those who attend the temple, to prevent the loss or damage to property and to assist in the prevention of crime.


What is the basis for holding the data?
We will use personal information provided only for purposes consistent with the reason it was provided. This includes:

  • to meet legal and regulatory requirements for accounting and reporting

  • to meet the legitimate interests of supporting the objects of the temple and

  • to meet vital interests in the delivery of our services.


What is the source of personal data we hold?
CCTV within and external to the temple capture personal data. Data is also provided by individuals, or parents on behalf of minors, as part of consent / registration forms for services, activities and events organised by the temple. 

By consenting, you do give the temple permission to process your personal data for the reasons specified. Any consent or request for information from the temple will state the purpose for which information you are asked to provide is to be used and will direct individuals to this privacy policy displayed on the website of the temple.


With whom do we share the data?
There may be occasions when we are legally obliged to share information with public sector agencies in respect of accounting and reporting or if a request is received form a law enforcement agency for disclosure of CCTV images. 

However, besides that, we would not share personal data held with other organisations. Data would be circulated within the temple to only those identified as responsible for the basis for holding the data identified above.


For how long will data be kept?
Data for accounting purposes will be kept for a period that allows the temple to meet its fiduciary duties to its members and the congregation. Accordingly financial records from inception of the trust may be kept. Data for events, trips and classes will be kept until the conclusion or cessation of such activities. 

Any images recorded by the CCTV system will be retained only for as long as necessary for the purpose for which they were originally recorded.

How can you review data and request changes to information we hold?
Where data is kept, we will aim to periodically ensure the accuracy of that data. If you would like a copy of the information that we hold, please email You will be asked to confirm whether:

  • the data we hold about you is correct

  • the data needs to be altered if it inaccurate or

  • the data needs to be erased if it is believed to be unnecessary

If CCTV footage requested contains images of other individuals then the temple will need to consider whether images can be edited or consent could be reasonably obtained. If not, then whether it is otherwise reasonable in the circumstances to disclose those images.


How often is this policy reviewed?
The policy will be reviewed annually or sooner in the event of changes in regulations or activities of the temple in respect of data and its use.

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